Pottery is a great art to learn with other crafts.
Are you creative and want to tell and sell your goods with a descriptive video? Then upload and let your customer experience your creative flair.
1 video
Home improvements important for any house proud residents.
Want to attract more customers? If so, produce a video of your recent work with a view to winning more work.
0 videos
Car Boot Sales are an ideal way for you sell unwanted items for all important extra cash.
Do you have stock left over from your car boot or want to sell your items online? If so, why not film your stock and sell to your potential customers.
0 videos
Take a look at the cars and vans for sale.
Need to sell your car or van for a newer model, give your customer a virtual tour of the vehicle your selling.
0 videos
clothing is so important to every indiividual.
Whether new or used do you want to clear out your wardrobe? If so, let somebody else enjoy your items you have loved. Pass on the love, it’s a perfect fit!
0 videos
Computing lifes problems
For all your computer needs, find a laptop or a tablet to keep you browsing and busy.
0 videos
Show me how to start an online business.
The internet is a perfect way of making additional side income or launching a full blown business to your prospects. However it is forever evolving, so with this in mind why not navigate yourself both professionally and ethically by utilising one of our many e-commerce trainining programmes.
0 videos
Seek the perfect job for you.
A great opportunity to offer jobs and to also upload your attributes to any potential employer.
0 videos
Be entertained and inspired by performances delivered with panache and purpose.
Do you like to entertain or be entertained? If so, upload your latest product or performance for others to enjoy and buy!
0 videos
Enjoy delicious food and drink today.
Food & Drink Accessories for foodies & drinkers!
6 videos
Sell your pre loved furniture here....
Are you an up seller who loves to sell your items? If so, then upload your item descriptive vlogs today!
0 videos
Gaming is a large market so if you want to sell then make sure you do it right and use vlogadz to help your marketing goals.
Are you a gamer? Love to buy and sell your games? If so, let our community know what your selling or looking for.
0 videos
Love to keep healthy?
Health & Beauty means a lot of goodness for you and your customers. So what is you have to offer them today?
1 video
Do you love to unwind with a hobby? If so, take a look here....
Do you sell hobbies supplies? If so, list your video here.
0 videos
Wouldn't it be nice to have the perfect home and garden?
Looking to beautify your home or garden? Then this the perfect space for you buy or sell home & garden enhancing products.
0 videos
Miscellaneous Stuff for Sale
Here you’ll find lots of various goodies for sale.
1 video
Use this portal to buy and sell mobile phones and acessories.
We know new mobiles are released frequently and you like to update? So, if this is the case let others buy your pre loved mobile phones & accessories.
1 video
If you need to repair your vehicle these mechanics can gladly help.
Do you pride yourself on your reputation? If so, film you and your team and showcase your garage, an ideal way to attract new customers.
0 videos
Do you want to buy and sell products to improve the quality of lives for your pet? If so, look no further than here...
Describe what pet accessories you are selling in a short video for our beloved pets.
0 videos
If you are looking for professional services, legal or otherwise then check this section out or if you wish to advertise your serives this the space to do so.
Do you offer clients professional services? If so, advertise your company with a short video introducing you and your team.
0 videos
Do you want to change your life for the better today!?
Lifestyle enhancing products and services to improve your life today.
0 videos
What sports service or product are you selling?
Sporty or Just enjoy your leisure time? Then this category allows you to connect to like minded people to promote your items for sale.
0 videos
If you love travelling then buy and sell your next holiday or/and supplies frim here...
Are you a travel vlogger with a passion for travel? If so, upload your vlogs or products for new followers and customers.
5 videos

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